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Three hundred years ago, on the plains of Southern Brazil, Gauchos (Brazilian Cowboys) ranged cattle and grew crops on the fertile grasslands of the Pampas. Their robust lifestyle centered on family and friends and was dependent on the four basic elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water. This gave them cause for thanks and celebration, which they did regularly with churrasco, or barbeque. At these large gatherings, gauchos would slow roast their favorite cuts of meat over the open flames of the campsite fire. From these flames grew the respect for a rich and powerful fifth element – SABOR. Sabor, meaning flavor, adds richness to life and continues to bring families and friends together for festivals, parties, and celebrations today.

Your lunch or dinner begins with a wonderful array of nature’s freshest offerings including gourmet salads, grilled vegetables, and imported cheeses. Then for your second course, prepare for the parade of Gauchos. Simply turn your “disc” to green and our expert carvers will continuously serve up to 12 different delectable cuts of our fire-roasted meats straight from the skewers on which they were cooked, right to your plate. You will also be served side dishes including savory mashed potatoes and traditional Brazilian favorites such as warm cheese bread, fried bananas, and seasoned rice and beans, which are replenished throughout your meal.

Balance the flavors of your meal with an exquisite selection from our wine list. Sabor’s distinctive and eye-catching 2400+ bottle wine room stores each selection at a cellarable temperature and humidity. Our knowledgeable and highly trained staff will guide you in pairing great wine that will enhance the many flavors our menu has to offer.